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My own journey into coaching and pursuing my dream lifestyle in this way wasn't exactly easygoing.


Five months before I launched my coaching business in January 2020, I was in hospital. I had just started a new contract a few weeks prior to that, working with the Air Ambulance as their Communications Manager.

I loved the job and I had plans of really growing into the role and heading up the entire Communications department within a year (I set big goals!).

But what my new colleagues didn’t know was that I was secretly battling with a health challenge and had been for the last three months.

I woke up every day with an intense crippling pain in my head and neck that would suddenly grip me for two to five minutes at a time, multiple times a day.


I had tried everything from medication (useless) to osteopathy (some benefit), but the pain didn’t go away. Everything eventually came to a standstill one day on the 2nd of September 2019 when I collapsed in my work car park and woke up in hospital.

What I thought would be a quick in and out job ended up being a diagnosis of brain tumour and me spending the entire month of September at St George's Hospital in London, which included a six-hour surgery and three days in intensive care.

It took another two months of recovery before I was able to walk again without blacking out or fainting, and a further six months before I was allowed to drive again.

I missed many important occasions that month in hospital, including my older daughter’s first month at primary school and my 12-year wedding anniversary, but lying in that hospital bed for those four weeks gave me a clear perspective on many things.

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