8 weeks TO VISIBLE

The 8 Weeks to Visible programme is designed to walk you through the

'4 Pillars of LinkedIn Success' to help you start being visible in just eight weeks!





In the 8 Weeks to Visible programme,

you will receive:

  • Guidance on creating a custom LinkedIn banner design to enhance your personal brand

  • Practical daily implementation tasks to embed your learnings

  • Complete tutorial videos and workbooks

  • Access to content templates

  • Access to useful resources, including a 4-week content calendar

  • Q&As answered via private LinkedIn group

  • Full guidance on LinkedIn dos and don’ts and best practices

  • Exclusive weekly newsletter subscription with useful tips and resources to continue your LinkedIn journey

Programme Delivery
Here's what you can expect from the 8 Weeks to Visible programme: 

  • A short welcome video to familiarize yourself with what you can expect from the programme, the resources available to you, and guidance so you can hit the ground running

  •  Weekly modules broken into bite-sized step-by step trainings

  • Time-saver downloadable worksheets to help you keep track of your learnings and keep you moving forward in your goals

  • Core video training transcripts so that you can easily learn from ANYWHERE

  • Demonstrations, scripts, checklists and other resources necessary to help you utilise and implement the programme information with as much ease as possible




Plus, there's no need for additional costs with the Premium version

of LinkedIn as all the activities can be done with a basic free account. 

The 8 Week Breakdown 

  • WEEK 1: Clarify your brand message

  • WEEK 2: Create your magnetic profile

  • WEEK 3: Create your content strategy

***Implementation period begins with daily LinkedIn activities from Week 4 to Week 7***

  • WEEK 4: Main focus on re/introducing your new brand, building engagement and housekeeping

  • WEEK 5: Main focus on building connections and growing your network

  • WEEK 6: Main focus on different forms of content

  • WEEK 7: Main focus on finding and connecting with your target audience

  • WEEK 8: Review and goal-setting

Here's a sneak preview of the 8 Weeks to

Visible programme...

Who is the 8 Weeks to Visible programme for?

This programme is not for you if:

  • You're not willing to put in the mental and physical work required to show up every day on LinkedIn

  • You're not willing to commit solely to LinkedIn over other platforms for the duration of the programme and at least three months after that (focus is key)

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to common questions about the 8 Weeks to Visible programme

Will this work for my business?

I'm brand new to LinkedIn; will this help me?

I’ve been let down by other programmes in the past; how do I know this won't happen here?

What happens if I don't complete the programme in 8 weeks?

I already use LinkedIn. What more can I learn from this programme?

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